Kyung Jeon at the opening of La Borinqueña in San Juan, June 2021

Kyung Jeon at the opening of art exhibition La Borinqueña in San Juan at Fundación Cortes, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico in June 2021,
La Borinqueña and La Perla, 2021
Kyung Jeon-Miranda imagines, through watercolor and gouache, La Borinqueña flying over La Perla neighborhood in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was inspired by the paintings of the Endo Period in Japan to make a political comment on the devastation left by Hurricane Maria in 2017. We can observe blue coverings on the houses in the community, alluding to the roofs with blue tarps which are in some place still being used on the island as a temporary cover for homes. At the bottom of the artwork, a dark surface emerges from the seashore, from where La Borinqueña takes flight. Indeed, it symbolizes the reconstruction work that still needs to be done in Puerto Rico. Click to view artwork