2020 Manhattan Times

This is all art: Artists in a life of quarantine
By Sherry Mazzocchi

These are uncertain times and we don’t know what the future will bring.

Miranda-Rodríguez and his wife Kyung Jeon-Miranda are the parents of two sons and run the design studio, Somos Arte, from their home. Jeon-Miranda is also a painter. Her work centers primarily on children. “We may come from different backgrounds of race, class and religion but one common denominator we share is the innocence of children.” Her latest work, Coronavirus Mask Jungle Gym, hints at the virus’s effects on those least likely to understand it. “It may become the new normal in our society, to protect ourselves, our families, our community. We have to practice a conscious effort to socially distance ourselves from others, wear masks and sterilize areas. We have to keep ourselves completely aware that during this current pandemic we’re living in can have long-term effects on our culture and our children’s future,” she said. As both parents and artists, they are entering an entirely new phase; creating a healthy emotional space, a nurturing family environment and providing education for their kids. “We are actually very fortunate,” said Miranda-Rodríguez. Their home is a creative space, filled with all kinds of books, including comic books, graphic novels and tons of art supplies. ”But that’s not every home. I think we have an advantage as artists, because we can actually engage our young children with our own imagination.”

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