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Cleaning up the mess Hurricane Sandy left in the East Village NYC
November 01, 2012 by Kyung Jeon
In Williamsburg Brooklyn, you would never know that a hurricane stormed it's way through the northeast. I wanted to access the damage Hurricane Sandy left in my neighborhood in the Lower East Side/East Village. I got a free ride over the Williamsburg Bridge from a guy who needed at least 3 people in his car to drive over the bridge. Once I was let out on Suffolk St in the LES, I realized very quickly that LES was not as lucky as Williamsburg. No all. What I saw was a lot of people just hanging out in front of their buildings, basements getting pumped, groups of people huddled around generators waiting to charge their phones, dark unlit bodegas and markets selling food and water "CASH ONLY", people filling water in their plastic jugs and washing dishes from the fire hydrants on the street and a decades-old massive willow tree broken in half. After speaking with some neighbors I learned that water rushed down streets like 8th Street during the high tide, but 9th Street wasn't as bad because the Jacob Riis housing projects acted as barriers. The flooding waters came up to about 4 feet deep on some parts of the streets, but these waters quickly disappeared after high tide. Here are my photos of the East Village/LES a few days after the storm:

Collecting water from fire hydrants. Ave D between 7th and 8th Streets.

The East Village/LES is known for it's massive willow trees. This one was broken in half. El Jardin del Paraiso community garden on 4th St between Ave C & D

Zum Schneider cleaning out the mess. Ave C and 7th Street

People huddling around to charge their phones by two cyclists pedaling to power a generator on Ave C and 9th St.

Look at all the cell phones.

Waiting in line for free food and water on Houston St and Columbia St.

Here are some links if you want to volunteer, donate, provide support or find out more info:
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NY Times: Hurricane Sandy's Casualties Include Chelsea Art Galleries
Kyung Jeon
Based in Brooklyn, NY

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