Facebook 5 day ART CHALLENGE
January 29, 2015
I have really been enjoying looking at everyone's artwork from the facebook 5 day art challenge. It's more

Updo Hairstyles using Selfie Photos, Vogue Korea, Korean dramas & Diane Von Furstenberg
December 16, 2013
I am fascinated with the literal manifestation of body politics, where hair is both canvas and context. I have explored this before: adapting braided pigtails from traditional Korean folk paintings, and using hair and body parts to exaggerate different more

Young Art Collectors in NYC and Brooklyn
December 16, 2013
As an artist, it is sometimes very hard to let go of an artwork that you love. For me, either the face came out just more

"Jeon tells stories on water lilies"
The Korea Times by Mee-yoo Kwon

Public Art Sept 2012

Joonang Ilbo

blog by kyung
KIAF Art Fair and Gangnam Style in Seoul
September 13, 2012 by Kyung Jeon
My trip to Korea would not be complete without going to an art fair and going Gangnam style. So today I saw some nice work at the KIAF Art Fair at the Coex. Some highights were Michael Joo & Kimsooja who I was lucky to meet a few nights ago at Kukje Gallery's parties. Also saw an older work by Aya Takano from 2008.

Could not leave Korea without first visiting Gangnam. It's just south of the river that splits Seoul. I went to a very posh market and saw very strange yellow mushrooms, and a $750 bottle of 100 year old SOY SAUCE! Who knew there was such a thing...gangnam style!

Michael Joo
Michael Joo at Kukje Gallery

Kimsooja at Kukje Gallery

Aya Takano
Aya Takano

Mushrooms in Gangnam Market

aged soy sauce
100 year old soy sauce
Kyung Jeon
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