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Updo Hairstyles using Selfie Photos, Vogue Korea, Korean dramas & Diane Von Furstenberg
I am fascinated with the literal manifestation of body politics, where hair is both canvas and context. I have explored this before: adapting braided pigtails from traditional Korean folk paintings, and using hair and body parts to exaggerate different more

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Archive of july 2012.
Meticulous pencil and watercolor paintings by Jeffrey Beebe
Tue July 24, 2012 by Kyung Jeon | 0 Comments
I am a big fan of old maps, fantasy, meticulous artwork, pencil and watercolor. You will find all things in the amazing work by Jeffrey Beebe. With his vivid imagination Jeffrey, a fellow SVA graduate from Chicago and living in Brooklyn, has imagined worlds with lands and oceans with names like The Impossible Narrative, Failure of the Author and The Vast Nonsense in Western Refractoria. Very funny stuff if you can understand his deadpan humor.

In his paintings, search and you may find names of those close to him, comments about the frustrations of being an artist and comments about the art world.
Check out his website:
Jeffrey Beebe Artist Brooklyn
The amazing Tom Sachs Space Program Mars
Fri July 20, 2012 by Kyung Jeon | 0 Comments
I finally have some time to write about the Tom Sachs exhibition that just passed at the Park Avenue Armory in June 2012. With lots of glue, foam core, wood, black sharpies, duck tape and almost everything you would find at Home Depot, Tom Sachs and his team have skillfully put together the closest thing to going to Mars as I will get. Quirky, yet genius things like naming all the hardware, making viewers watch a Working to Code movie (loved the Rule V: "I understand" bullet) in order to pass a test to go into the space shuttle and the Sachs team getting around on skateboards makes this show one of my absolute favorites!
Tom Sachs Park Armory NYC

Tom Sachs Space Shuttle
Kyung Jeon
Based in Brooklyn, NY

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