Updo Backflip with Valentino, 2014

Korean Updo with Missoni, 2014

#KJSelfie with Korean Updos Diane Von Furstenberg, 2014

Imagined Korean Updo Side Profile with Flower Tattoo, 2014

Imagined Korean Updo Front with Dragon & Flower Tattoo, 2014

Selfie with Korean Updos Accordian Book, 2014

Untitled Light Blue, 2014

Untitled Red, 2014

Parachutes Hanboks & Sunset, 2013
Kyung Jeon
Parachutes Spam, 2013
Kyung Jeon
Parachutes Introverts, 2013
Kyung Jeon
Parachutes Hanboks & Helmets, 2013
Kyung Jeon
Cockfight, 2013
Updo Hairstyles using Selfie Photos, Vogue Korea, Korean dramas & Diane Von Furstenberg
December 16, 2013
I am fascinated with the literal manifestation of body politics, where hair is both canvas and context. I have explored this before: adapting braided pigtails from traditional Korean folk paintings, and using hair and body parts to exaggerate different more

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